WordPress and google chrome issue with images not uploading

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WordPress and google chrome issue with images not uploading

When I press the select files button, nothing happens !

I feel compelled to write this short article on something that took literally seconds to fix but all day doing all sorts of technical crap in order to get the fix. In fact I feel a bit stupid now I am writing this. But one thing I have learned with all my years of experience of using wordpress, most often the first thing you thought of and the simplest, was most probably what you should have done in the first place.

I just transferred a client website from my test server to their own hosting and learned to my complete digust, when I wanted to add some more images, when I hit the select file button, nothing happened !…Click……click…..clickety click…a few swear words..more clicking…

The image uploader did not work despite trying every single suggestion from every single WordPress related forum. Some replies and fixes seemed to get quite in depth and technical and downright bordering on lighting black candles and sacrificing your children on a blood altar…well not quite the children, the Wife would have done even better…

The solution for me persoinally was actually quite simple.


Go to the google chrome settings which is the three vertical dots on the right hand side of your browser next to the address bar. ¬†SIgn out of Chrome and reset all the settings and finally clearing down your history as far back as you dare. Reboot your machine and try uploading an image in the way you have been used to. Hope if like ,me this will work. Don’t ask me for why this happens to work as I havn’t got the answer yet. But I am looking into it further…good luck!!!

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