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Diamond Cleaning Brochure

Diamond cleaning are one of my oldest clients and every year they commission me to redesign their corporate brochure. It has been designed with Adobe Illustrator and most of the images were supplied by the client. I have access to a wide selection of stock photography and images to enhance any project and make it stand out from the crowd.

Their website was also designed by me and can be found at

Menus Designed by Paul Keating | BLC Printing Solutions

Headlines of Shefford

Headlines of Shefford use my services for website design and printing of their business cards and Pricing Menus. It has been designed using Adobe Indesign and like all websites designed using WordPress

Braintree Loyalty Card

The Braintree Loyalty Card is a very large new business project designed to increase the awareness of shops and business that serve the Essex town of Braintree. The loyalty card website was designed by me and all of the stationary, promotional material and branding have all been developed to create a focus on the project in a modern simplistic way.

The loyalty cards are simple and clear and produced by myself.

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