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What can I do for you today?

It would be easy to just stick a load of products up there that would make this page look overwhelming and shop heavy. Instead I chose to put a small selection of web related services which seem to be the most common. If there is anything web related at all you need from me, just ask…

My principle discipline is WordPress, that having been said, if you require a bespoke solution from the ground up or a personal branded fully compliant e-commerce solution, I can help you today. Of course we would need to go through the scope of your project such as.

  • Proposed time frame– When do you want your site to go live? most websites take between a week and two weeks to complete
  • Content to be used, ie is it to be generated by professionals in or outside your organisation or from me.
  • Images – this is important as images make the site identity and form the first impression from your audience so don’t ever underestimate this element or copy from others as you will come undone. I use professional images from GETTY images under license and are fit for purpose
  • Hosting – A lot of customers provide or arrive with their hosting package sorted already, however be aware that the hosting package must reflect the size of your project you have in mind. After all, you won’t get away with a cheap £3.99 per month hosting package if you intend to have a fully blown e-commerce shop with say, 100 products, you will not only run out of room, but your site will run like a dog with three legs.
  • Security – this has become quite a hot subject over the last few years. A websites security is if paramount importance and is often overlooked, let this be at your peril. Google now requires that any site taking personal and or financial information to be on an SSL certificate. This means that the site is verified and secure.

If you need a webdesign- talk to me now prices start from £250.00

Wordpress like any other content managed website framework, because of the nature of the software being free GNU licence means that it is constantly being updated by a dedicated team of professionals who are fanatic about it’s functions and development. At least every month there will be an update to either the core wordpress backbone or one of the plug ins used to augment the functions of your website. AS a result of this, regular updates need to be run not only to ensure the smooth running of the site but also the security, make up your mind which of these is the most important.
New wordpress and other CMS style websites have a never ending supply of themes constantly being developed to cater for every need. Not to forget that all styles get out dated quite quickly, have your site restyled for a fixed fee and keep up with the current trend of the latest look as well as compliant for all screen sizes.
Everyone that has had a WordPress site has no doubt suffered from this issue, a number of different issues can make this happen and usually at the worst time possible. If this has happened to you, I am confident that it can be sorted quickly to your satisfaction, if not you don’t pay ! Talk to me now if you have this common bug !
WordPress site relocation. Many people realise their web host is not performing or simply you want to keep your sites under one roof, no problem! Many companies or web designers charge a small fortune for this. For a small fee in comparison, I can move your site from one server host to another very quickly without fuss.
Get your new or existing business off with a bang!  30 second intro video is just like a TV advert to an audience of millions without the expense of TV advertising. For as little as £99 – you can have an eye catching intro advert hosted on YOUTUBE or VIMEO or even posted to your own website! Ask for more info or Click Here