How often do you update your website content?

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How often do you update your website content?

Building websites for a living, I often trawl around looking for inspiration and ideas from different business sectors to see how people like to display their information. I see a very different approach across the board and this very much depends on who has done the website.

If the organisation has done their own website internally, particularly the larger businesses, they often look to use a content managed framework which organises their workflow and allows multiple people to input information by department or section. This is good because this means that the website is constantly being refreshed with constant updated content adding value to the business by being up to the mark with relevant information and newer explanatory imaging.

In summary, you have a connected business always in touch with their products and services with good delivery of information and most importantly an interface to be more connected with their readers / prospects. If on the other hand, they have outsourced their website to an outside agency they equally may use the same framework, but a different layout and usage of words are used to leverage key word usage and site optimisation is utilised more perhaps as most organisations know little about key word and content manipulation to find new readers. This is where good communications are essential between the business and the web builder / agency. Added to this a reason for an ongoing contract of maintenance is essential to ensure updated content is always at the forefront. Search engines love new relevant content after all.

The less fortunate businesses or organisations out there (my bread and butter) are the ones that a few years ago will have had a bespoke website built from the ground up using an obscure or little known content delivery system, or even a mainstream solution like JOOMLA or DRUPAL, but have little hope in changing their own content without help from an agency or have had a dedicated in house person who may no longer work there…OOOPS! We need help they say!

What will have driven the sudden need to update their site is all the exciting and emerging technologies that everyone wants to have now, such as streaming videos, imbedded solutions such as database driven customer tools or even wanting the addition of E-Commerce, which has become very affordable to the masses now. The list goes on.

What do you do next? Employ your web content team? or outsource to the agencies. Both very good solutions and one that involves careful consideration on how often you need to update and upgrade your site and what you want your site to achieve. We are now in an age where your website is only limited to your own imagination…. let the creativity flow !!!

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